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Certified Organic Solutions
Organic Certification: Your guarantee for Health & Sustainability
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Australia's Proactive Organic Certification Consultant.

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Certified Organic Solutions offers a unique consultancy and support service to help you negotiate the red-tape and planning involved in gaining Certified Organic status within the Organic food industry. If you are :

  • planning to start an organic farm, or
  • you're a conventional farmer wishing to convert to sustainable eco-friendly organic farming status, and access the premium prices available to certified organic growers, or
  • you have "valued added" organic products or
  • you produce organic farm inputs such as green waste, mulches and biological fertilizers

- we can help you make the transition, understand the principles and negotiate the red tape and planning to achieve full organic certification.

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Why Organic?

Organic farming is traditional, sustainable, low impact farming for a healthy planet.

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Why Certified?

Certification is the quality standard and guarantee that organic principles are in place.

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The Industry

The Certified Organic Produce Industry is the fastest growing sector in food production.

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Earth Care

Organic Farmers build a healthy ecosystem in their soil with no artificial additives or toxins.

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National Standards Before 2009, a standard (guidelines and rules) did not exist for domestic and imported organic fo
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Find out about our exciting "Australian first" which is the foundation stone for an Organic Revolution right across A
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Organic Certification is the National Standard -

The Organic Consumer's Guarantee of food purity


Australia's leading wholesale supplier of highest quality Australian grown and imported certified organic food. www.australianorganicnetwork.com.au

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The bud logo is the registered trademark of Australian Certified Organic, one of Australia's leading certification bodies. .http://aco.net.au/